cubex, 2017, Tony Samangy – tinycinema

From paper to pixel to voxel. Flat paper was cut and folded into a cube then photographed in three dimensional space to create a stop-motion animation. The animation was edited in software along three axes to transform it back into three dimensions and then distorted and duplicated to occupy space and time in various orientations. The entire animation was then altered over time, so that any side of the original cube visually informs the other sides of itself at the same time. Therefore, the simple piece of paper went from 2-Dimensions to 3-Dimensions to 4-Dimensions and again to 2-D to 3-D to 4-D. Now that the video is rendered and playing on a tiny screen it is 2-D again just like the original paper.


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Tony Samangy works primarily in the areas of interactivity and “motionography.” He has worked professionally since 1996 creating interactive user experiences, informational designs and motion graphics. His clients function at all professional levels in many markets and have included: Thomson, Eaton Corp, Bridgestone/Firestone, Hewlett Packard, Colliers International, University Hospitals, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum and PBS. He currently teaches web, interactive, motion and other related infographic and typographic design courses at The University of Akron. Samangy has produced several short films, music videos and animations that have garnered awards and selection to many festivals and exhibits locally, nationally and internationally.



Myers School of Art

Emily Davis Gallery
Myers School of Art - University of Akron

150 E. Exchange St Akron, OH 44325


The Collider Exhibition Series examines the impact, implications and inspiration of the phenomenon generally categorized under the umbrella term New Media within the design practice and fine arts.

The theme for Collider:C8 is voxel.


Jason Ferguson Lecture

March 21, 2017 7:00pm


April 3, 2017 5:00-7:00pm