skin d.e.e.p. – digital ephemeral epidermal patterns, 2014, //benitez_vogl

{skin}-D.E.E.P. – Digital Ephemeral Epidermal Patterns – Temporary biomimetic skin patterns via wearable 3D printed exoskeletons – aims to mimic the patterns and textures of snakeskin via ephemeral impressions onto human skin.

Although snakes are without extremities we are applying the exoskeletal jewelry on human’s extremities, the arm, the leg and the neck.

The properties of snakeskin demonstrate a transition from a hard outside to a soft inside, a principal that we try to mimic in our approach,
by using a hard shell for the application of the pattern.

Taking inspiration from shedding snakeskin, we shed the outer layer by removing the superficial prosthesis. The epidermis retains the negative

imprint of the prosthesis mimicking the look of serpent skin. The dermis reestablishes the smooth form of the human skin as it heals itself within the hour, erasing the ephemeral imprint, symbolically representing rebirth and renewal.

Investigating the ephemeral nature of textured patterns on human skin will not by any means provide a solution to an engineering problem, yet will act as a larger philosophical basis to conduct a discussion about the possibilities of blending nature via biomimicry.


//benitez_vogl develop work within a hybrid art praxis. They question contemporary issues concerning technology, such as exploring the mediation of information in our lives. Their works integrate installations, high tech/low tech materials from fiber, sound and art + technology practices. They have been collaborating since 2000 on interactive installations and sound works.




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The Collider Exhibition Series examines the impact, implications and inspiration of the phenomenon generally categorized under the umbrella term New Media within the design practice and fine arts.

The theme for Collider:C8 is voxel.


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March 21, 2017 7:00pm


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